Saturday, December 31, 2011

Feather Headbands

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus!

I have seen the new trend of feathery headbands and had been thinking of making one for a while. Then, one day, my brother asked if I could make some for a photo shoot for his new niece. It was a great opportunity to try them out. So I scoped Etsy to find some inspiration and here are a few headbands that I came up with (please excuse the horrible pics I took—I need to figure out a way to photograph them better):

And since they are Hawkeye fans…

Check out this link to see the professional photos…!/media/set/?set=a.325948684089544.84483.114388051912276&type=3

Side note- I intended for the plum feather headband to be worn differently than in these photos

Until next year…


Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Projects

Wow, what a weekend! I got quite a few projects done or close to being done and thought I’d share them with you…

The first thing on my to do list was to make a backdrop for my brother for his photography business (shout out to BK Photography… I fell in love with this fabric and can’t wait to see the photos he uses it in!

Next item up was a shower curtain for my mom. We had found this fabric together one day and both fell in love! (This is actually the same fabric used for my brother’s backdrop-just a different color. We found his fabric the same day.) I still need to finish the top and make all the holes for the shower rings, but it’s so close to being done!

I decided I needed to complete some of my projects on my pinterest boards, so here is one that I did quickly. This business card holder was really easy and fast!

I jazzed mine up a little by adding a rosette and a hair tie to keep it closed (or it was fixing my problem of using interfacing that was too stiff).

I also whipped up a couple of onesies for some friends. Here are the bow tie ones that I did. I also made a cute cupcake one.

One last little project was finally finishing changing the picture above my console table to a Christmas theme. It had been sitting blank for some time and I’m so happy to finally have it done!

It felt so good to check these things off of my list! Now to tackle present wrapping…