Saturday, April 30, 2011

End Table Re-do

A few weeks ago, I made a trip to Goodwill and found an end table that needed a little TLC, but would be perfect for in my guest bedroom. I wish I would have remembered to take a good before picture! The top was coming off and there was a large gap between the drawer and the support bar. So, when I went to my parents’ for Easter, I loaded it up to give it a makeover.

First my dad figured out why there was the gap by the drawer. Turns out someone put the drawer slider hardware (sorry for my lack of technical terms here) on the wrong sides, causing the gap. Then we tightened the screws for the top, and it was good as new and ready for paint. First, I sanded it down.

Then, I gave it a couple of coats of cream paint. I also added a scrap piece of bead board to the back of it. Finally, I sanded the edges to give it a little distressed look. I found the blue knob at Lowes-it matched the comforter perfectly.

Still need to find some decorations to make it just right, but it will come together!


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Easy Wall Art

I’m back again with another project that I did last weekend. This will also be going in the nursery at my parents’ church. This is so easy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

canvas-I get mine at Michaels


staple gun

Basically, you just wrap the canvas like a present and staple it in place. Yep, its that easy!

Here is another one I did for my sister:

I can’t wait to see both of them hanging up!


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easy as ABC

Hey Guys! Sorry I have been slacking at posting my projects, but over Easter weekend I got a ton done and will have a few fun new posts to share with you.

My mom asked me to help her decorate the nursery at her church a few weeks ago and I was so excited. I love, love decorating baby nurseries! I started flipping through some Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware catalogs for ideas. I found this in restoration hardware:

While I wasn’t in love with the ducks, I loved the frames and knew the perfect guy who could help me make them…good old dad! I had a fun idea for the frames and couldn’t wait to get started.

I did a horrible job at taking pictures throughout this project—just had too much going on. To make the frames, we just used some scrap wood that was 1 inch thick. We (ok, my dad) cut it down to be 4 inches wide. We left the middle hole 4”x6”. We glued and screwed them together and they were ready for paint. I only ended up getting them primed-this was one of my last projects of the weekend-but I put them together to show you what they will look like:

I cut down some fun scrapbook paper that I had on hand to fit the hole. I cut out the letters on brown vinyl with my cricut and stuck them on. Aren’t they going to look cute in a nursery? Here are close-ups. Remember, they are not painted at this point, just primed. They will be painted an off white and be hung on beige walls.

Fun! Check back this week for more fun projects for the nursery.


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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Door Decoration

Hey guys! I have a new fun project to share with you today. A while ago, my dad gave me some cupboard doors that his company was going to throw away (gasp). A couple of them had a cupboard door on top and a drawer attached to the bottom (to show finishes and such). I had my dad separate them for me which left me with this:

I loved the blue color and decided to make it into a door decoration and put a bird on it (yes, just like that lovely video someone showed me and now I think of it every time I buy or put a bird on something). I got out my cricut and first cut out a branch.

I used transfer tape to put it on the sign.

I used an exacto knife to cut off the pieces that didn’t fit. Then I put the bird on and added the word “spring.” I figure I can peel that off once summer hits.

I used jute to make a hanger and hot glued it on top.

I love how it turned out!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Flowers

So, I was out shopping the other day and saw some adorable flower clips/pins at Kohl's and New York and Co. I debated over getting one, but figured that I could easily make them myself. So I ran to the fabric store and picked myself up some supplies. Here are a couple that I did:

I think they will add that perfect flair to jackets, shirts and hair. Want one of your own? Email me at Also, visit the Remnants facebook page to see lots of goodies I have for sale. More to come…


Pom Pom Pillow

I had seen a really cute idea for a felt flower throw pillow out there in blog world and thought I’d make one for my bed. I got started and really hated it so went with plan B-ok, so I didn’t have plan B and the pillow sat there for a few weeks. I finally made my way back around to finishing it…


Here is what I did:

  • First I covered a throw pillow that I wasn’t using with a remnant of linen fabric.
  • I found some circles that I had cut out of the same fabric (from another project I scraped). They were about 2.5” in diameter. I also cut some circles out of peach chiffon to add in the mix
  • I folded the circles into quarters and hand sewed them onto the pillow

I repeated the process with the linen circles until I had made 3 pom poms on the pillow. Then I went back and added in the chiffon circles. Here it is in its new home:

Maybe this will inspire me to make my bed every morning:)



      Wednesday, April 6, 2011

      Cupcake Stand

      Here is another project that I have had on my “to do” list for quite some time. With vacation time the past couple of days, I finally got around to doing it. It was so easy that I have no idea why I didn’t do it sooner! Here is what I started with along with gorilla glue and e6000:

      I had bought these plates on clearance after Christmas and got the candlestick holders at Goodwill for 50 cents each. I placed the candlestick holder on the bottom of the plate, made sure I had it centered, traced around it, and then glued it on with gorilla glue. I put a book on the top of them while drying to make sure they stayed in place.

      While putting the 2 pieces together, I repeated the same steps as above, except I used e6000 instead of gorilla glue. The e6000 dries clear and doesn’t expand like gorilla glue does.

      And here is the finished project. Now all I have to do is make some cupcakes to put on it!


      Anthropologie Knock-off Necklace

      I stumbled across this blog featuring an Anthropologie necklace knock-off. I loved the necklace and after having it on my “to do” list for months, I finally got one made. Here is how mine turned out.

      I made mine a little shorter than the directions said to. It is still a nice length though.

      A close-up of the flower.

      A fun necklace for spring!


      Sunday, April 3, 2011

      Simple Bag

      The past few days, my mom, sister and nieces have been visiting me. So much fun! My little niece is being potty trained and after one too many embarrassing trips through restaurants and stores carrying her potty seat (below), I had to do something about it.

      I found some cute fabric and viola:

      So much better and my sister and niece loved it. So much better!

      Here is a cute picture of my nieces sporting some of the headbands I made. So cute!