Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pottery Barn Inspired Baskets

Ok, so I tried really hard to figure out how to be able to post pictures amongst the blog, but I failed. So, back to posting all the pictures at the beginning. I'll keep trying:) Anyway, I am super excited to share my latest project with all of you. I really love how it turned out.

One day when I was looking at the Pottery Barn catalog, I saw the picture at the top of this post. My dad and I had made a Pottery Barn inspired bench last fall, and I had just found some baskets that fit in the cubbies. I loved how Pottery Barn added the numbers to their baskets in the picture, so I went on a hunt around my apartment to see what I could find to jazz up my baskets. I found a small picture frame and a wooden oval left over from another project (pictured above).

I painted the frame and the oval with some cream paint that I had and painted the glass of the frame with chalkboard paint. I used my Cricut to cut out a black vinyl number 1 to put on the oval. After the paint had dried, I sanded the edges of the frame and distressed the edges of the oval with black ink. I used my chalk to draw a number 3 on the glass. I wanted one basket to have solid number, so I went to Michaels and found an unfinished wood number 2 for 99 cents. I painted that cream as well and distressed the edges with black ink.

To attach the numbers to the baskets I used some twine and hot glue. I didn't want to glue them directly to the baskets in case some day I don't want them on anymore. Just a little note of advice: make sure that you glue your numbers to the front of the basket, not the side. Yes, spoken from experience. I got a little excited to finish.

Like I said, I love how they turned out. My favorite part of this project was that is only cost me 99 cents!



  1. cute! the numbers are a great idea. If you want an easier way to organize text and photos within a blog post you could try using Windows Live Writer. You actually write your blog posts on it and then upload them, instead of writing the posts online. You just download the program and install it, you can find it on google I'm sure to download.

  2. No way....I didn't know you could paint glass w/ chalkboard paint!! I may have found my newest project. I love your numbers. Adorable.