Saturday, March 12, 2011

Decorative Moss Balls

I am trying to get my place all decorated for spring. Hopefully that will help it come sooner! I needed something to fill in a metal basket that I have and I thought some cute decorative moss balls would be perfect. I'd seen them a lot in pottery barn catalogs and knew I could make them much cheaper. Here is what I started with: pack of 6 styrofoam balls, moss from the dollar store, modge podge and a brush to apply it with (pictures above).
First, I coated the styrofoam ball with modge podge. I then stuck the moss to it. This was a messy process, but I learned that if I put a large chunk of moss on and then held it really hard, it would stick better. Once all the balls were covered, I sprayed them with liquid adhesive so the moss would stay in place. I like how they turned out and they only cost a few dollars!
The finished product is shown in the top 2 pictures. The other 3 are of what I used. Sorry the pictures are all messed up. Again, give me a little time and I'll get this figured out...hopefully!

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