Saturday, December 31, 2011

Feather Headbands

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus!

I have seen the new trend of feathery headbands and had been thinking of making one for a while. Then, one day, my brother asked if I could make some for a photo shoot for his new niece. It was a great opportunity to try them out. So I scoped Etsy to find some inspiration and here are a few headbands that I came up with (please excuse the horrible pics I took—I need to figure out a way to photograph them better):

And since they are Hawkeye fans…

Check out this link to see the professional photos…!/media/set/?set=a.325948684089544.84483.114388051912276&type=3

Side note- I intended for the plum feather headband to be worn differently than in these photos

Until next year…


Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Projects

Wow, what a weekend! I got quite a few projects done or close to being done and thought I’d share them with you…

The first thing on my to do list was to make a backdrop for my brother for his photography business (shout out to BK Photography… I fell in love with this fabric and can’t wait to see the photos he uses it in!

Next item up was a shower curtain for my mom. We had found this fabric together one day and both fell in love! (This is actually the same fabric used for my brother’s backdrop-just a different color. We found his fabric the same day.) I still need to finish the top and make all the holes for the shower rings, but it’s so close to being done!

I decided I needed to complete some of my projects on my pinterest boards, so here is one that I did quickly. This business card holder was really easy and fast!

I jazzed mine up a little by adding a rosette and a hair tie to keep it closed (or it was fixing my problem of using interfacing that was too stiff).

I also whipped up a couple of onesies for some friends. Here are the bow tie ones that I did. I also made a cute cupcake one.

One last little project was finally finishing changing the picture above my console table to a Christmas theme. It had been sitting blank for some time and I’m so happy to finally have it done!

It felt so good to check these things off of my list! Now to tackle present wrapping…


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Nursery Edition

On November 15, I became an aunt for the 6th time and this time I can finally say I have a nephew! Little Trig Matthew is just a cutie and I had the privilege of helping decorate his nursery. My sister did not know the gender of the baby, so as soon as he was born, we got to work.

First, my sister picked out the bedding and I went to town from there. My brother in law and I painted the walls last weekend and then I had to leave to go back to work for a couple of days before Thanksgiving vacation. We worked on the nursery part of the day Friday and all day Saturday and here is how it turned out:

walking in the door- the comforter was the inspiration

Love this gallery wall! I made the canvas pictures, and cut out the “T” and “Vroom” with my cricut. My sister painted the canvas and green frame.

Other side of the window. Again, I used my cricut to cut out all the letters and my sister painted it.

Newborn pictures above the crib. We bought some scrap wood, cut it to size, sanded, painted and modge podged on the pictures. We wanted them a bit bigger but couldn’t resist the $0.69 wood.

Check out more of his work at Here is the link for more pictures from Trig’s photo shoot:!/media/set/?set=a.307625219255224.81396.114388051912276&type=3

I whipped up these curtains. My mom had the idea to add the orange to the bottom which added a fun pop of color!

We added a simple banner above the changing table. My sister didn’t want much on this wall so that when Trig is older he won’t have much to pull down!

I’d say he’s enjoying his new room!!!

Since I was doing new things in Trig’s room, his sisters also wanted a project for their room. Here is what we did:

Names on the bunk beds

I had put something similar to this in the nursery wall when my niece Brynn was born. The girls loved it so we decided to put it on canvas and make it more portable.

So, that’s what I was up to this Thanksgiving weekend! Don’t worry, I had plenty of time to eat way more than I should have! Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Headboard

A few months ago, my sister stole the bed I was using in my spare bedroom. It was part of a bunk bed set-she had the other half-and now needed my half. In return she gave me a bed with no head board. Part of me was sad to see the bed go, but part of me was excited that I had an excuse to make a new headboard!

On the same shopping trip that I bought my desk, I also bought some ceiling tin (sorry, I’ve been really bad about taking before pictures!). I bought it with the headboard in mind. I enlisted the help of my dad and here is what we came up with:

My dad made me a simple frame out of some scrap wood to mount the tin on. I spray painted it brown and painted the tin an off white. The tin was looking a little to stark, so I applied some stain to it.

After we finished the headboard, my dad and I headed off to the Wild home opener. Fun!

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!


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Monday, October 10, 2011

Jazzed Up Burp Cloths

I have been working on building up my supply of jazzed up burp cloths. Here are a few new ones I made and currently have on supply. The burp cloths are $5 each or 2 for $9.  Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing one.


Sunday, October 9, 2011


I was feeling a bit sick of some of the throw pillows on my couch. I was feeling inspired by some pillows I had seen on my latest addiction…Pinterest. I decided to recover/repurpose some throw pillows that I had. Here are two of the new ones:

For the bottom pillow, I used the same technique as I did on my office chair redo. I am really having fun painting of fabric!


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Office Chair Redo

Well, its been a while, but I’m back with some new projects! I have been busy working on a few different things, this chair being one of them. After I re-did my office desk, I wasn’t happy with how my current chair looked with it. I kept my eyes open for a chair I could fix up and found one at a garage sale. I forgot to take a before picture, but it was black, peeling, and a little sad. Here is what I came up with:

I started out by sanding down the chair and priming it. I painted it with some oops paint I found at Home Depot for a whopping 50 cents! It matched the blue in my comforter perfectly! I recovered the seat with some fabric I had on hand. To spruce it up a bit, I cut out a design on vinyl with my Cricut and used it as a stencil. I stuck my “stencil” to the fabric and painted it the same paint color as the chair. Voila! Loving the pop of color it brings to the room.


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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Office Desk

What can I get done in a weekend without cable and internet? A lot! This desk is proof of it! The past few months I had been searching garage sales for a cheapo desk that I could redo for my office. I didn’t have any luck at garage sales, but my friend and I went to some antique stores nearby one day and I found a great desk! I knew just what I wanted to do with it.

I had seen and loved this dresser redo over at Scissors and Spatulas I thought this style would be great with the new desk. They even have the same hardware!

I got out the new Mouse and went to work sanding it. I primed it, and gave it 3 coats of Behr Country Dairy (the same as I used on the nightstand redo). Unlike the dresser example, I didn’t do anything with the top of my desk. It was in pretty good condition. I distressed it a bit by sanding the edges. I am debating whether or not to add a little dark stain to some of the detailing in the desk. What to you think? I am just enjoying it for now!

**please ignore the mess of cords in the corner! I will hide them:)

Stay tuned to see what I will be doing with some ceiling tin I got on the same shopping trip…


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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mouse in the House!

Ok, so not the kind of mouse you are thinking of…it is me new Mouse sander by Black and Decker. I love it! What a fun little tool.

So, I realize I have totally been slacking on the blog, and I’m hoping to change that. I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing these past few weeks. I’ll give you a little peak at what I’ve been up to:

There has been a baby boom lately, so I have been busy making onesies and headbands. Above are a couple I made for my cousin’s little girl.

I made these for a good friend of mine for her daughters. I think they turned out so cute and can’t wait to make this for my new nephew or niece that is due to arrive in November.

I made these vintage looking signs for myself. I found the idea and tutorial here:

So here is just a little bit of what I have been up to. I have a big project coming up, so hopefully I will have it done soon to share with you!


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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ruffled Curtain

I have lived in my apartment almost a year to the day now. Pretty much from day one I have wanted to put up a little curtain in this spot (sorry about the horrible pic!):

I wanted to be able to hide my lovely recycling bins. So today, after I finished lounging by the pool and being very unproductive, I decided to finally make one. Here is what it looks like now:

Making the ruffles nearly drove me batty (that is why I stopped at two!) although the second one went better than the first. I did decide though that I am going to get a ruffle foot for my sewing machine though!

I am looking forward to some time off starting mid-week next week so come back and check for new projects then!


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