Monday, September 17, 2012

Made it Monday: Cupcake Costumes

Every year, my very small home town holds their annual Watermelon Days. There are rides, food, and a looooong parade. While the main parade happens on Tuesday night, on Monday night there are water fights, Watermelon Queen coronation, and the infamous kiddie parade. The last few years my nieces have participated in it and this year I convinced my sister and sister-in-law to let the girls be cupcakes. I had seen this blog post that had DIY Pottery Barn knockoff cupcake costumes. They were adorable and looked quite easy to make! With Halloween right around the corner, this post may inspire you!

Contrary to the instructions I followed on the blog above, I believe we only used around 2.5 yards of pink felt (that my mom picked up for a buck a yard. Score!!) for all four. I also don't think she included in the supply list a little extra brown felt for the "picket fence pieces.

The first step was making myself a pattern for the cupcake top; one big, one slightly smaller. I had to do this step a couple of times, because at first I made them way too big. It was helpful to have the kids there to have them try it on as we went.


I was making four of these (with my mom and sister-in-laws help), so I got all the tops cut out before I started the bottoms. We thought we were going to be able to allow the pieces to go on overhead, but when we added the ruffle around the top, we had to make a cut down the back and add strings to tie the top layer around their necks.
We cut out a brown, felt rectangle to the size of each girl for the bottom of each cupcake. Then we added the "picket fence" pieces.

We added ruffles around the neck, polka dot sprinkles, and trim made out of our extra felt around the bottom of the cupcake. To top it off, I made some cherry headbands. Here are two of the four cute cupcake models:
I wasn't able to be there for the actual parade, but the girls did great and took 1st place! I will have to get a picture of the whole crew from one of my family members, so that you can see the whole cupcake shoppe!

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