Monday, September 24, 2012

Made it Monday: Cupcake Liner Pom-Poms

It's Monday, which means it's time for another DIY craft! I had mentioned in a couple earlier posts that I had the priveledge of throwing a bridal shower for a very good friend of mine. I decided on doing a cupcake theme. (Understand that this isn't a cheesy, 3 year old type cupcake theme-more pics to follow in future blog posts this week) So, going with the theme, for the centerpieces I decided to do cupcake pom-poms.

-Small foam or styrofoam balls
-hot glue gun/glue sticks
-cupcake liners (each pom I did took appx. 75)
-something to form your liners with (I used a foam paint brush)

So here is what you do:

Take a cupcake liner and form it around your foam brush.

Put some hot glue on the bottom and stick it on your styrofoam ball.

Repeat a gazillion times:)

Like I mentioned earlier, I used 75 cupcake liners to fill up my styrofoam balls. This did leave a space on the bottom empty, but it was the perfect size for me to set it on a stand.

Ta-da! Here they are on the tables:

 At first when I started to make these, I thought they were going to take FOREVER! Here are a couple of initial mistakes I made:
-I started out by following a tutorial that said to put a pin in the center of the cupcake liner, then hot glue it. They didn't look good and it was taking a loooong time to make these, so I tried the above way and it worked much better.
-I bought styrofoam balls that were too big. I'm not sure on the exact size I used, but it was a mid-sized one.

One blog said you could use crumpled up newspaper, formed in a ball and secured with packing tape as the center of the pom. I did try this for one and it worked. The styrofoam balls worked and looked better though. 

More shower pictures, tutorials and recipes to follow this week!


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