Monday, October 15, 2012

Made it Monday: Batman!

In just a couple of weeks my sweet little nephew, Trig, will be turning ONE! Time goes so fast! Usually our family isn't much into throwing big birthday parties, but I love throwing parties, so here we are. My nieces wanted to have a Batman party for him, and after talking with my sister, we decided we could make this really cute. The party will be this weekend, so I'm busy making decorations for it. The first thing I decided to make was this cute sign:
The process to make this was quite simple:
First, I found this scrap piece of wood from a previous project. It was a little smaller than I wanted, but by using it, I didn't have to go buy more.
Then I painted it yellow with some craft paint. Technically, I probably should have primed it, but I was being lazy.
Next, I cut out the image with my cricut. I found the image and font online. I transfered it to the piece of wood.
Finally, I spray painted the whole thing black. Once it dried, I took off the vinyl.


I love how it turned out and it will be a great piece for the party. Best part about it is that it was free because I had all the supplies on hand!

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