Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lamp Shade Re-do

As I have been out and about at garage sales, I have been looking for a lamp for my spare bedroom. A while back I had found this base:

I was nervous about getting a base with no shade, because shades can be so expensive, but I really loved the base. Well, I went to another garage sale a couple weeks later and happened to find a shade. I knew I would have to do something to it since it was cream, but it was only $1. The pouring rain that started as I was leaving that garage sale reiterated the fact that I would have to cover the shade!

I got the shade home an realized that it didn’t exactly fit on the base because the base had the metal thing going over the area of the light bulb. I started bending it back and forth and got it to come off.

I found a remnant of blue fabric in my bin that matched my comforter, and used it to cover the shade. I hot glued it to the inside of the top and then again at the bottom. Here is how it looks now:

I was going to add some rosettes to it, and after making 3 of them and burning about every finger on the hot glue, I didn’t really like how it looked. I may come up with something later, but for now, I am super happy with it.


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