Monday, January 23, 2012

Made It Monday: Valentine Decorative Balls

I’m back with another Valentine’s Day project. Usually I’m not huge into decorating for Valentine’s Day, but this year, since we are lacking snow here in Minnesota, all my snowman décor seemed a little out of place. This weeks project is cute little decorative balls that added a hint of pink to the shelf.

I started out by digging out some Styrofoam balls that I had on hand from a previous project (originally purchased at Michaels).

Next, I cut about one inch fabric strips.

Then, I pinned down the end into the ball, and started wrapping. Each time I wrapped it, I would wrap it back to the beginning point, cut the fabric, and then wrap it again.

Voila! Very easy! I did two polka dot balls and one cream one.

Hope you had a crafty weekend! Next weeks Made It Monday post will show the whole bookshelf decorated for Valentine’s Day, so be sure to check back!


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  1. Really cute!!!! I was trying to come up with ways to decorate our home for Valentine's Day and I love what you've done!