Monday, June 4, 2012

Made It Monday: Land of the Free

Wow! Can you believe it is June already? Where has the year gone? It is beginning to feel more and more like summer each day around here. I have a lot going on this month, so bear with me as my posts may be sporadic! I have a lot of fun projects I want to post, but a few need some finishing touches, and I’m not sure if they are going to get done anytime soon:( I will try my best though!

Today’s Made it Monday feature is a button flag picture I made for my Memorial Day/Independence Day seasonal table.

I had the idea to do this and it turned out to be fast, cheap, and simple. I started out by grabbing a few packs of buttons from JoAnn Fabrics, since my button jar did not contain that many red, white and blue buttons. My St. Patrick’s Day rainbow art depleted my button collection (which apparently, I never revealed that canvas on the blog, because I was going to link to it and can’t find it!). I think I spent a total of $3 on buttons, and that is all I spent on this entire project, everything else I had on hand. Not too shabby!

The first step was laying out all the buttons to make sure the final product would resemble a flag. This took the most time, since I had to redo it a couple of times because it was off center (my frame already had the fabric in it—it would have been easier had I done it on a new piece of fabric that I could just center in the frame after I had glued the buttons on). Once I was happy with the look, I hot glued those bad boys on.

I’m not going to lie—the picture stayed this way for a while. I ran out of time to finish it that day, but I wanted to add a saying. At first was going to put on “God Bless America,” until I realized that right below the picture I have something that says the same thing. Then I thought about how the flag symbolizes freedom and rather than just putting “free” or “freedom,” I decided on “land of the free.” I cut out “land of the free” on vinyl with my cricut to create a stencil.

I used transfer tape (contact paper actually) to put the vinyl on the picture. The transfer tape helps keep all the middles of the letters in the right spot.

Then I painted it with a red craft paint that I had on hand.

I removed the vinyl and had myself a lovely $3 new piece of art!


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