Monday, March 12, 2012

Made it Monday: “Lucky” Wreath Part 1

I have been inspired by the many fun wreaths that I have seen on various blogs and in pinterest. I decided to make one of my own so that I would have a St. Patrick’s Day door hanger. I had planned on sharing it with you today, but forgot to write up the blog entry last night and today I’m feeling a bit under the weather. SO tune in tomorrow for part 2 of this post, where the wreath will be revealed!


PS- Here are a couple of home remedies that I have found to be helpful in preventing the flu/stomach aches:

1- Ginger Root- you can either use real ginger root (just chop some up and swallow about a teaspoon; freeze the leftover root) or ginger root pills.


2- Black Walnut- I put about 10 drops in some water and drink it up. Repeat until feeling better. Really helps! I wish I would have had this at work today.

Herb Pharm Black Walnut

**These are the brands I use and the comments above are solely my opinions.

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