Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Made it Monday: Lucky Wreath Part 2

Yay! Feeling much better today, so I finished the blog post and am ready to show you the “lucky” wreath (mentioned in yesterday’s post http://remnantsdiy.blogspot.com/2012/03/made-it-monday-lucky-wreath-part-1.html).

I forgot to take pictures of the first part, but this is how I started it. First, I cut burlap strips and wrapped a foam wreath, using hot glue to secure the pieces. Then, I rolled a whole bunch of rosettes out of scrap material (the green material is an old sweater) and hot glued them on. Initially, I thought the wreath was done here, but it just seemed to be missing something, so…

I cut the word “lucky” out of an old cereal box using my cricut.

Then, I sprayed each letter with spray adhesive,

sprinkled on some glitter,

removed the excess glitter, and sprayed them a second time with the adhesive.

I allowed them to dry for a little while and then hot glued them onto a piece of Jute twine. I secured it onto the wreath with pins. It could have been hot glued also, but pinning it allowed me to keep moving it until I found a spot where I liked it.

Have you been decorating for St. Patrick’s Day?


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