Friday, March 2, 2012

Free For All Friday: Ruffled Runner

It’s Friday! Hope you all are going to enjoy some down time this weekend! I think I might actually have some time to relax tomorrow and I am looking so forward to it!

Today, I wanted to share the fun ruffled table runner that I made out of the leftover material from the shower curtain I made for my mom.

I was inspired by this post on pinterest:

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To start out, I cut the fabric based on the length and width of my console table, allowing a little extra fabric for the seams. Then I sewed a simple seam.

I could have stopped there (and I did for a few days since I ran out of time). It looked fine as is, but I knew the ruffles would add a cute touch. I decided to put 2 ruffles on each side. So, I cut 4 strips of fabric- two that were 2.5” and two that were 3”. On the two that were 3”, I sewed a seam around all the edges.

On the two that were 2.5” I sewed a seam on the two short edges and one long edge (the bottom strip in the picture). The edge I did not sew a seam on will be covered by the other ruffle.

On the top of each strip, I sew a gathering stitch. This will be the stitch that makes the ruffle.

Next, I pulled the end of the gathering stitch to make the fabric ruffle. Don’t pull too hard or your stitch will break!

Once all the strips are gathered, you are ready to pin the pieces onto the runner. Then, sew it on.

The next step would be to seam rip the gathering stitch, but I’m lazy and the thread blended in really well, so I left it. Usually I am more of a perfectionist, but you can’t see it unless you are really looking for it. It fits perfectly on the table!

Please ignore the frame with no picture in it! That should be fixed soon!

Enjoy your weekend!


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